[Project_owners] CVS errors on commit, update, etc.

Alex Eng aeng.aecreations at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 13:38:50 PDT 2008

I was attempting to check in changes to some source files for my project 
(aecreations) using cvs commit, and I got the following error message 
shown in the following shell output dump:

   $ cvs commit -m "Improved Restore button image"
   cvs commit: Examining .
   can't create temporary directory /mozdev/cvstmp/cvs-serv34290
   No space left on device

A similar error message appeared when I tried other commands such as 
"cvs update", "cvs status" or "cvs log".

Same errors when I tried "cvs update" in another of my Mozdev project 

I had used "cvs commit" about two hours ago with no problems, so this 
may have been something that had just come up.

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