[Project_owners] sandbox setting gone MIA on AMO?

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Fri Apr 4 07:43:50 PDT 2008

Michael J Gruber wrote:

> I'm OK with JS and XUL, but I'm too stupid for the new AMO site. Where 
> did the sandbox go? I know there should be a setting under "My 
> Account" saying "Show Sandbox" (between "Hide email address" and 
> "Website URL"), but there is none for my account.
> Beyond the (dis)appearance in a settings page, I think the sandbox 
> should be more visible. How else do we get users to review addon 
> updates? There's so much frenzy about updating for FF 3.0, and now all 
> those updates are buried in a box of sand ;)

They're not. Previously sandboxed extensions now appear even if you're 
not logged in, but in that case you're prompted to log in before you can 
download them.

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