[Project_owners] proposed changes to Mozdev roadmap

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Thu Apr 3 09:29:14 PDT 2008

Alex Vincent wrote:
> * Not having Mercurial as part of the current MozillaBuild package 
> hurts on Windows.  A lot.  Guess what my primary platform is...
Hmm, this seems like something the Mozilla folks would be working on.  
Is there a bug on this?

> * If Mozilla 1.9.x will also have a constantly-maintained Mercurial 
> repository, then it might actually be better for me to use Mercurial 
> directly,
That's the plan.

> although I'm not sure mozdev would appreciate me placing the whole 
> Mozilla source there... alternatively, I can always maintain a patch 
> set, and make checking out of Moz1.9 part of the checkout process.  
> (This alternate is how I was approaching my project on the assumption 
> of SVN.)
I guess that depends on the size of the repository and the number of 
projects that want this.

> * By "deprecating CVS", I assume we mean new projects should not be 
> instituted on CVS unless the project owner explicitly requests it.  
> I'd be in favor of that.  CVS is just too much pain compared to more 
> modern systems.
Right.  We'd still provide CVS to projects that have good cause to use 
it, but we'd encourage projects to use the other revision control system 
instead, and that's where we would refocus tooling efforts (like the 
various roadmap items on CVS tooling: Bonsai, LXR, Doctor, commit 


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