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Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 27 22:25:00 PDT 2007

Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 September 2007, Douglas E. Warner wrote:
>> Nope; there's nothing wrong with the algorithm - the main web page *is* a
>> project.
>> I'll see what the others on the board say about removing projects like
>> this.
> Just so everyone is aware, we've removed the Mozdev.org related projects from 
> the Top 50 list.  They will still show up in the active projects list, but 
> the "competition" between hosted projects will just be non-Mozdev.org related 
> projects.  Thanks for pointing it out.
> -Doug

Hm, in that case you might consider to remove: br and mozFR as well. 
Don't they "just" belong over at mozilla.org anyway?

LOL I'm glad that we're even in the list, with a SeaMonkey only product, 
and having two dedicated servers taking the major hit for mozdev.org 
away; thus for us there has never been any "competition" but we speak 
about "collaboration" because that's what mozdev.org is all about.  Or 
should be about, because we *all* have _one goal_ which to me is about 
producing a nice free Open Source product ;)

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