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Pete sneakypete81 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 02:18:39 PDT 2007

Apologies if this is a silly suggestion, but you didn't mention an xul
overlay file - how are you indicating that your code in skate.js needs to be

On 20/09/2007, George A. Booth <georgebooth at cableone.net> wrote:
> I almost have an extension that adds function to the mouse scroll wheel,
> skate.
> It's jar-less, like 22 other extensions I have studied, from TabToWindow
> to GreaseMonkey.
> When I pack it in an .xpi, it seems to be installed. Firefox says the
> install was successful. After restart its files and file structure are
> all in the extensions folder, and reachable via a chrome url. The
> settings.xul document is called when I select "options". It doesn't
> raise an error in the console. The description is inserted in to
> prefs.js by the defaults/preferences/skate.js. It appears in the Addons
> sub-menu, and responds to About..., Home, and show enclosing folder.
> But it doesn't *do* anything. It won't even run to the first line of the
> content/skate.js. The menuitem added to the Tools menu in skate.xul
> doesn't appear. These two items are the whole of the overlay.
> Now, if I use the javascript injector function of extensiondev, skate.js
> works like a charm, no problems at all.
> Please, would someone volunteer to solve this puzzle?
> Thank you,
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