[Project_owners] Non-functioning extension

George A. Booth georgebooth at cableone.net
Wed Sep 19 23:23:57 PDT 2007

I almost have an extension that adds function to the mouse scroll wheel, 

It's jar-less, like 22 other extensions I have studied, from TabToWindow 
to GreaseMonkey.

When I pack it in an .xpi, it seems to be installed. Firefox says the 
install was successful. After restart its files and file structure are 
all in the extensions folder, and reachable via a chrome url. The 
settings.xul document is called when I select "options". It doesn't 
raise an error in the console. The description is inserted in to 
prefs.js by the defaults/preferences/skate.js. It appears in the Addons 
sub-menu, and responds to About..., Home, and show enclosing folder.

But it doesn't *do* anything. It won't even run to the first line of the 
content/skate.js. The menuitem added to the Tools menu in skate.xul 
doesn't appear. These two items are the whole of the overlay.

Now, if I use the javascript injector function of extensiondev, skate.js 
works like a charm, no problems at all.

Please, would someone volunteer to solve this puzzle?

Thank you,

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