[Project_owners] Call for testers for Drupal installation to supply blog, wiki, and forum

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Fri Sep 14 13:33:34 PDT 2007

On Friday 14 September 2007, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:
> I went to the site and said: now what?  I guess that I won't be the only
> one that saying: Everything looks the same.  Where should I start?  What
> do they want me to test?

Well, on the main site you won't be able to do much since you wouldn't have 
permissions to create new blog posts or edit wiki pages.

What you would be able to do is try to login using your mozdev cvs username 
and password, create new forum posts, and post comments on blogs.

If you would like me to setup a drupal site for you to see what administration 
and editing wiki pages is like, I can do that as well.

> I would suggest to change themes, one different theme for each item
> (blogs, forum, wiki et all) to make it clear where I am.  Now I have no
> clue.

The first page you come to is the "front page" that has any content that has 
been pushed to the front page.  Currently this is just a couple blog posts 
that I've put there to fill the white space.

If you click on "blogs" or "forums" for example, they should say "blogs" 
or "forums" at the top of each page.  Likewise, the "forums" will have 
individual forums and that you can click into to make and see posts.  The 
wiki is boring right now since there's not content there; I'll try to put 
something up so its a little more obvious what it does.

Is there something else I'm overlooking?

> I hope this helps.

Yep!  Thanks very much for the comments.

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