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Ezequiel Calderara ezechico at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 11:38:20 PDT 2007

As user point of view... i really would like to see the changelog next to
each update request...
i prefer to see the changelog there, than clicking the website, navigate
thru it and find what i want...

and about the style of the changelog, non styled changelog would be great...
or a common style for every changelog...

well... just an opinion...


On 9/10/07, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla <
mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Adam Kowalczyk wrote:
> > Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:
> >> Matthew Wilson wrote:
> >>
> >>> Just noticed that the following bug has been fixed:
> >>>
> >>> "Extension updates should link to further information"
> >>> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=297903
> >>>
> >>> Mockup UI for the bug:
> >>> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=277934
> >>>
> >>> Looks interesting for extension developers for FF3.
> >>>
> >>> Matthew
> >>>
> Interesting, but I didn't get this in the newsgroup until now, after 6
> or 7 hours, but you'll find my reply to Adam per e-mail below:
> Hi Adam,
> First of all, I don't see your reply in the newsgroup thus I reply
> directly to you per e-mail.
> >> What is so interesting?  Everything should go into one shitty tiny
> >> little extension manager, which is everything but a browser window?
> >> What about just adding a link instead, if that's not enough... well
> >> nothing is.  Also, the average Mozilla Firefox user gives a peep about
> >> this kind of bloat, because that's what it is.
> >>
> >
> > Why are you so negative?
> That's fair criticism, really.  For example: You install add-on X but
> won't get to see a list with features when you install this add-on, and
> thus will have to *rely on visiting a website*.  Tell me, what is the
> logic here?
> > What exactly is "shitty" about the extension
> > manager? I don't think this kind of rhetoric is very helpful.
> Please, don't take things literally and tear the real issue apart from
> it!  What I meant to say, and that should have been clear to you, is
> that *it isn't a browser window*.
> The EM only has a really *small window* for this kind of info, but what
> if I need screen shots to make things clear?
> Also, nobody should ever force you to step back in 1985 stylish ways.
> Just load the page in a tab, and close it after reading it.  Easy done.
> We do that for years already.
> > I don't
> > see how this news isn't "interesting" either, because it's certainly
> > something that impacts extension authors.
> Impact isn't always a good thing, the latest changes for updates which
> enforces people to set prefs or hack updates.rdf and what not is such an
> example.  Why?  Because mossup worked on this bug instead of fixing the
> darn documentation and writing the tools we need to support this new
> feature.  Now is that fair, to let people wait any longer?
> > Anyway, I reckon it's a good idea. I think we can all agree that there's
> > been a need to have a way to learn more about the new versions when
> > updating. Many times I would go to AMO or to the extension's homepage
> > and manually look for the changelog. As for displaying the information
> > inline in the EM, I wouldn't call that bloat.
> Sorry, but it _is_ bloat.  That's not what the EM is for.  Providing a
> light weight URL is far better.
> > Providing the user with a
> > link is a lighter alternative but it's also less convenient. You have to
> > open the page, leave the EM, close the tab once you're done and bring
> > the EM back up.
> Oh, so clicking a simple link is less convenient?  Something people do
> that all day long, yet it is less convenient?  Wait, you'll have less
> space and have to click to read this in this little browser part of the
> EM, right.  Now that's convenient, not so IMHO.
> > The markup is going to be sanitized and limited to just
> > a couple of the basic tags (<h1>, <ul>, <b> etc.) and it seems to fit
> > quite well, even in the "tiny little" EM window.
> Oh, more limitations for add-on authors.  Less is good, right?  Gone
> with your screen shots et all.  Now that's convenient, right?
> You sir are obviously missing a great part of the message, as in how do
> you get people to YOUR website now?  That is far more important to many
> people!
> I may sound harsh, but really, that's not my intention. English is just
> not my mothers tong and that makes it a little harder to express myself
> more clearly. Thank you for your understanding.
> Kind regards,
> Michael
> > Cheers,
> > Adam
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