[Project_owners] Mozdev documentation now in wiki

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Mon Oct 22 08:14:39 PDT 2007

On Friday 19 October 2007, Sergey Yanovich wrote:
> I have installed drupal-4.7 to be more specific.
> ==apache2==
> drupal.conf starts with this:
> Alias /drupal /path/to/drupal
> If that line is replaced with:
> Alias /wiki /path/to/drupal/index.php?q=wiki
> Alias /blog /path/to/drupal/index.php?q=blog
> Alias /forum /path/to/drupal/index.php?q=forum
> Alias /themes /path/to/drupal/themes
> All three modules should be available.
> ==drupal==
> $base_url should be plain (no drupal)
> $clean_url is true
> ====

Sorry; these settings don't work for me (Drupal 5.3, Apache 2.2, PHP 5).

I don't believe Apache supports query strings in aliases; it's definitely not 
documented if it does.

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