[Project_owners] Mozdev documentation now in wiki

Sergey Yanovich ynvich at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 02:23:29 PDT 2007

Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> Thinking on this over lunch, while I'm not aware of options that would let us 
> remove a new path from the URL, we do have several options:
> 1) rename 'drupal' to something else ('cms', 'd', etc)
> 2) use a subdomain below each project
> #1 means we could do things like:
>   http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/drupal
>   http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/d, http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/d/blog, etc
>   http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/cms, http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/cms/blog, etc
> #2 would be things like:
>   http://drupal.PROJECT.mozdev.org, http://drupal.PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog
>   http://d.PROJECT.mozdev.org, http://d.PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog, etc
>   http://cms.PROJECT.mozdev.org, http://cms.PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog, etc
> If people have suggestions on what else we could use in place of "drupal" I 
> wouldn't mind hearing them.

I have read mod_rewrite manual, and I am still not getting what prevents 
you from rewriting '/blog'->'/drupal/blog', 
'/someotherstuff'->'/drupal/someotherstuff' and so on. Be it server-wide 
  config, or per-vhost config.

Sergey Yanovich

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