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Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Thu Oct 18 10:24:31 PDT 2007

On Thursday 18 October 2007, Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> So we weren't able to use http://drupal.mozdev.org/blog since we wanted to
> provide http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog; I just couldn't figure out how to
> make the rewrites work so that Drupal knew that '/blog' was in
> actuality '/drupal/blog' and still have CSS, images, etc still work.

Thinking on this over lunch, while I'm not aware of options that would let us 
remove a new path from the URL, we do have several options:
1) rename 'drupal' to something else ('cms', 'd', etc)
2) use a subdomain below each project

#1 means we could do things like:
  http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/d, http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/d/blog, etc
  http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/cms, http://PROJECT.mozdev.org/cms/blog, etc

#2 would be things like:
  http://drupal.PROJECT.mozdev.org, http://drupal.PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog
  http://d.PROJECT.mozdev.org, http://d.PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog, etc
  http://cms.PROJECT.mozdev.org, http://cms.PROJECT.mozdev.org/blog, etc

If people have suggestions on what else we could use in place of "drupal" I 
wouldn't mind hearing them.

If we're going to stick with #1 (which I think is preferred since it fits 
previous site history) then we should try to stick with paths that are 
unlikely to be used by a project already.

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