[Project_owners] $local_conf_commits = OFF;

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 23:59:39 PDT 2007

Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 October 2007, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:
>> Please, we have set $local_conf_commits = OFF; in order to hide local
>> commits, and thus this new CVS commit feed should either respect this
>> setting or you should add a new one for it.
>> You should also first fix the errors because now all my pages are
>> broken, and thus our validation claims went up in smoke; which we don't
>> like i.e. this features seems like it was introduced prematurely.
>> Also, don't use funny names like cvs_rdf.html but use a clear filename
>> and file extension; like cvs_commits.rss for example; because that's
>> what it is.
>> I don't think anyone is waiting for this feature, not without being able
>> to filter stuff out, or to completely disable it.  I mean; which end
>> user is waiting for this kind of info?  Will they see commits of
>> new/updated XPI's?
> Michael,
> I've modified the <link> tag to remove the trailing slash; the trailing slash 
> is XHTML 1.0 compliant, but not HTML 4.0 compliant, unfortunately.

Thanks Doug, but you might want to move it to some template, or 
whatever, under control of project owners.

> I've also made modifications so that "$local_conf_commits = OFF" will both 
> disable the link from being inserted as well as prevent the RSS feed from 
> working.  If people would prefer a separate option for doing these 
> activities, we can work on that.

I guess having two separate options would be even better, yes.

> This feature was intended as a potential solution for bug#15670 
> (https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=15670); we're still waiting to 
> hear if it's acceptable or not.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

> The filename (cvs_rdf.html) was chosen as a way to fit into our current 
> project framework with as little modifications as possible.  You'll notice 
> other pages RSS feeds added to the site have similar filenames (but mostly 
> ending in .php).  

Using .html file extension for feeds is wrong, not to mention the use of 
'rdf' in a filename which makes it even more confusing.  Time for a 
change if you ask me.

> We try to make sure the Content-Type header is served 
> correctly, so while it may be ugly, the RSS feed should work properly.

No it wasn't, why else would I have complained here?  Simply undo your 
changes and have a look for yourself, in anything but Mozilla Firefox 
for example ;)

> I'm not sure what type of filtering you would like to see to the RSS feed.  If 
> you have recommendations, feel free to file a feature request in bugzilla.

A project has two different kind of visitors: a) end users and b) 
developers.  I for example don't care about anything else but /src and 
/www (but other project owners might disagree with me) while end users 
only seem to care about commits to /downloads (mostly for projects 
without news/update feeds, which we FYI have for years already).

> Users would be able to see all project CVS commits (except www/protected 
> commits) - this was intended as both a way to let users see what's going on 
> with a project as well as a way for developers to keep apprised of each 
> others actions.

Having one or more feeds in CVS (like we do) and making (little) changes 
will also show up there, and that's simply not what we want.

> -Doug
> PS. I'm not sure if it's the language difference or something else, but please 
> try to phrase your requests a little nicer; we are pretty willing to help our 
> projects out.

I'm not sure what you are getting at here, because the first word I used 
was: "Please" and please note that while you seem to wrote it for a 
different project, it was me who "notified" you about the fact that 
'something' wasn't done right, right?

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk
- MultiZilla Project Team Lead
- XUL Boot Camp Staff member (ActiveState Training Partner)
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