[Project_owners] FTP on mozdev [was: last day to vote]

Christian Arnold webmaster at arctic-media.de
Tue Nov 27 13:22:40 PST 2007

Eric H. Jung schrieb:
> --- David Boswell <davidwboswell at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> We did have FTP on the site early on, but it was a big security
>> vulnerability so we turned it off.  If a simple file upload feature is
>> something that would be useful, we could look into that.  Would other
>> people be interested in this?
> I think it's a great idea for a couple of reasons:
> 1. Lower barrier-to-entry for hosting on mozdev; you don't have to learn a VCS if all you want to
> do is host some mozilla-related webpages
> 2. Most every hosting company already offers FTP, so the learning curve for new project owners is
> nill.
> If security is still a concern, we could offer SCP or SFTP instead.
> Having said that, FTP is not a version control system and so it's out of the running for the
> current poll.
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I really like VCS for developing bigger projects, but my project hosted 
on mozdev isn't that big, so I don't really need VCS. I would really 
appreciate if there would be a FTP-like service. Maybe there could be a 
web-page where I can upload the latest version, and a online html-editor 
(source-code-based, not wysiwyg) where I can quick-edit minor changes on 
the pages. That would be the things I miss on mozdev which would make it 
really easier for newcomers on mozdev, like Eric said.

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