[Project_owners] last day to vote

Charles Melhorn cmelhorn at verizon.net
Tue Nov 27 12:52:30 PST 2007

> For me, Subversion was the system I checked. TurtoiseSVN is the windows 
> client I learned to love :D In my opinion WinCVS is harder to use, too. 

I concur. Some of the reasons I like the Subversion/TortoiseSVN combination:

* Subversion uses a conceptually very simple scheme for branching and 
tagging - branches and tags are created by copying a snapshot to a new 
directory. Not as efficient as other schemes, perhaps, but in these days 
of 250 GB disk drives, that's not much of a concern for me.

* Directories, as well as files, are version controlled with Subversion, 
which is a significant improvement over CVS.

* Each commit into an Subversion repository creates a new revision for 
the entire project, not just for one file. This can be good or bad 
depending on your perspective, but I've come to prefer it.

* Text and binary files are treated the same, so no need to identify a 
file as binary when you add it.

* TortoiseSVN is implemented as a windows shell extension, so it's 
integrated into the Windows Explorer file manager which is extremely 


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