[Project_owners] Should the website be split up?

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 23:08:55 PST 2007

Myk Melez wrote:
> Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:

> Regarding XULPlanet, it's true that MDC duplicates much of the 
> documentation on that site (including some pieces that were copied over 
> with permission), but it also goes far beyond what XULPlanet provided.
> There's nothing wrong with MoFo contributing to Mozilla when they see a 
> need that isn't being met by others in the community.

>> Which is totally irrelevant because looking back is always easy.
> It sounded to me like you were arguing that AMO duplicated functionality 
> that Mozdev already provided, and I said that Mozdev didn't provide such 
> functionality.  That seems pretty relevant to me.

Yeah, I've grew up with the moto: "The only easy day was yesterday" 
(some people should do Google for that moto) and thus I do think that 
looking back at something, even yesterday, is easy.

My father, and all other fine people here on mozdev.org used it as their 
main server, to provide their work, the add-ons from, and now some of 
you are saying that mozdev.org can't do that, or that mozdev.org never 
did work like that.

I'm sorry, but I cannot believe how this many people got to know, love 
and use MultiZilla (for example) without having such a fine host and a 
great crew for so long already.

Maybe my problem is that I'm also loyal, just because he was.

>> That isn't a "subtle change" but a huge disappointment.  

Let me try to make this clear to you: It will be a huge change and a 
disappointment for me and all users/visitors, hell even a blow in the 
face when I am forced to use AMO just because AMO took control.  That is 
how we see things.

> Thank you 
>> mozdev.org (crew) for filling the blanks for so long, and here's the 
>> MoFu middle finger (follow the leader or die).
> That's rude, uncalled for, and incorrect.  MoFo has made no attempt to 
> control or kill Mozdev and in fact has donated generously to keeping it 
> alive.

Let me also try to explain this to you:

We, the MultiZilla project team (but there are others as well) are using 
mozdev.org since 2001 to serve the MultiZilla add-on from, and there 
wasn't AMO or anything like it (for a long time) so if I have to use AMO 
now these days, then that is a huge change in my books.

Anyone here know that I highly respect the hard working people at 
mozdev.org because of what they did, because I have never even met a 
single one, yet they do such a great job (thanks again guys).

I'm also not the giving anyone "the finger" but again, but if we are 
forced to use AMO instead from now on, then I don't understand some of 
the things on the roadmap (some of which have been fixed already).

Anyone closely related to some of the people in the MoFo/MoCo community 
can say anything they like, like: SHIT, BULLSHIT, HORSESHIT, 10 FUCKING 
DAYS and yet I cannot even use a figuratively speaking example without 
being blown away for being rude, but wasn't it obvious enough already 
what I was trying to address, really?  In that case; I rest my case!

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk
- MultiZilla Project Team Lead
- XUL Boot Camp Staff member (ActiveState Training Partner)
- iPhone Application Developer

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