[Project_owners] Should the website be split up?

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 17:15:35 PST 2007

Myk Melez wrote:
> Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:
>> It is becoming clear to me that something quietly changed over the 
>> years, after AMO came into rotation, because mozdev.org has been 'just 
>> that' and for many years already.
> Well, lots of things have changed. 

Sure, but not every change is necessarily for the better, even in the 
view of now former MoCo employees who feel like it has changed too much 
and linger to the old Mozilla Foundation days.  You could call it old 
sentiment, but it is a fact that some things might have changed too much.

> Mozilla's browser grew from being a

This is a rather limited view on things, because there are more 
interesting products these days, like: Joost, Miro and Songbird (just a 
few examples).

> project used mostly by developers and techies and intended for 
> productization by consumer-focused organizations (like Netscape) into a 
> consumer product used by tens of millions of regular people.

/me putting on the management hat now.

Isn't that exactly how things should be for a software product?

Maturing from the usual developers only Alpha source code into an early 
adopters Beta version, and from there on into a consumer ready product.

/me putting on the marketing hat up again.

Netscape always had a consumer product (let's not get into the bloat 
fight here) and it did a pretty good job with a product that wasn't 
ready for prime time.

People should give credit due to this fact.  Let's look at Mozilla 
Firefox 1.0 and compare it with todays 3.0 versions, because that shows 
the gap Netscape was dealing with.

> And AMO was developed to meet the needs of those people for a managed 
> directory of addons, including but not limited to those whose 
> development efforts are hosted at Mozdev.

Yes, but we also had mozillaZine (pretty much dead without updates) and 
XULplanet (stuff moved over to MDC) so it looks like big mamaZilla is 
eating everything and everybody, even their own employees (think 
Thunderbird folks here).

> I don't think Mozdev ever tried to become AMO the way AMO is today, 
> although it has always provided the means to distribute your addon and 
> some tools for folks to find projects hosted on the site.

Which is totally irrelevant because looking back is always easy.

I started to read Basil's blog about the upcoming AMO changes (thanks to 
David Ascher) and there is still a lot of work to be done, even after 
the next update in December (with respect the the good folks working on 
the update) and mozdev.org could just as easily change a far bit too you 

> But now that AMO exists, there's even less reason for Mozdev to be a 
> directory of addons and more reason for it to focus on the things it 
> does best and which AMO doesn't (and won't) do, which is to empower 
> developers with the best possible tools.  Perhaps that's the subtle 
> change you notice.

That isn't a "subtle change" but a huge disappointment.  Thank you 
mozdev.org (crew) for filling the blanks for so long, and here's the 
MoFu middle finger (follow the leader or die).

> But also keep in mind that I'm just one project owner and board member.  
> Others might not think the same way.
> -myk

In that case I am awaiting one formal reply from the mozdev.org board to 
make this change clear to everyone, because again that would be a total 
surprise to me (this also explains why I got into this argument with 

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