[Project_owners] Should the website be split up?

Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Tue Nov 20 20:58:44 PST 2007

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:
> What do you think; should the mozdev.org website be split up in an area 
> dedicated to end-users and one other for developers?
I don't think so.  I think Mozdev should focus on providing the best 
tools for developers and development communities, which can include the 
kinds of users that contribute to development by testing development 
versions, filing bugs, etc. but does not include normal end-users.

> David Boswell wrote:
>> There are a number of things
>> coming up on our roadmap that will hopefully help with this.  There's
>> the mirror work Doug is doing now and then several project listing
>> features that he'll be working on soon.
>> http://www.mozdev.org/resources/roadmap.html
>> David
> All cool features for project owners and the like, but non of them will 
> improve the way we and others navigate the website, right?
It sounds to me like the "project listing improvements" task, a top 
priority that "will make finding projects easier," should improve the 
way we navigate the website to find projects, and the "centralized 
account management system" will make it easier to navigate the website 
for the purpose of configuring our projects.

There are probably lots of other navigational improvements we could make 
for better integrating the various features of the site (source code 
browsing, bug tracking, wikis, etc.).  But I think the items on the list 
are a good start, and there are lots of other important tasks on that 
list as well, like adding version control options.


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