[Project_owners] mozdev as incubator

David Boswell david at mozdev.org
Tue Nov 20 08:32:20 PST 2007

[Changing subject from previous topic...]

> If I missed this in discussions previously... then my bad... but I
> think mozdev's contributions to mozilla have been hallmarks. Session
> Restore...

I think this is a good point and we could be doing a lot more to talk
about mozdev's value to the community.  There have been several
extensions and applications that started here that then grew to
prominence in the community.  For instance, Camino, GreaseMonkey,
session restore...

I've created a wiki page where we can start listing all the projects
that started out on mozdev that have since grown up and moved on to a
life beyond the site.  By creating something like this we can emphasize
the site's value as a community incubator.  Feel free to edit the page
and add other projects.



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