[Project_owners] You are all wasting your time on mozdev.org...

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Mon Nov 19 09:00:08 PST 2007

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> --- Robert Kaiser <KaiRo at KaiRo.at> wrote:
>> If the review times
>> there discourage you, then what you should do is help that situation by
>> taking part in the review process
> I don't agree. Participating in the review process means sacrificing time towards developing
> addons. There is a large audience of people who want to develop in their limited free time, not
> review. Other alternatives to your suggestion:
> 1. Push for AMO to change its review process
> 2. Publish your addons to both AMO and another site (e.g., mozdev)
> 3. Ignore AMO
> ...and I'm sure there are some I've missed.

The review process ensures that all add-ons available from that site are 
usable, reasonable quality and not malware, which the uncontrolled 
process of most other sites can't even nearly guarantee. Of course, that 
process also comes with the cost of being slower.

> As I wrote earlier, mozdev is most definitely the prime entry point for users downloading *some*
> extensions/addons. The addon author is free to use mozdev in this way, so it's unclear to me why
> you claim mozdev isn't "designed to be that". How is it that you decide what mozdev is designed
> for and what it isn't?

What I decide is that we don't link mozdev but AMO as the "Add-Ons" link 
on the SeaMonkey project website.

This is because mozdev is not a general normal-user entry point for 
downloading Add-Ons, while AMO is designed to be just that.
Some mozdev project pages may very well be designed for download of one 
or even a handful of add-ons, but not as a general entry point for any 
kind of add-on. And what we link needs to be something like that.

We surely want to link resources where people can get other add-ons, but 
not as a link on the front page or the main menu, probably either on our 
community page or in the documentation section of the website. And that 
is all the original discussion on mozilla.support.seamonkey (which 
Michael partly cited) was about.

Robert Kaiser

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