[Project_owners] You are all wasting your time on mozdev.org...

Olivier FAURAX olivier.faurax at laposte.net
Mon Nov 19 05:33:20 PST 2007

Christopher Finke a écrit :
> On Nov 18, 2007 7:20 PM, John Woods <johnrw at gmail.com> wrote:
>> AMO is for less skilled users... but as for every useful extension
>> being on AMO, really?
>> I would debate that.
> As would I.  AMO used to be my primary means of distribution, but I've
> stopped using it almost completely due to the long wait times for
> getting editor-approved.  I think a lot of other authors have become
> disillusioned with AMO as well.

When I started to make my extension, I wanted to make it easily installable.
So I tried to put it on AMO.
Nobody never approved it so no public downloads. The bad thing is that
my extension is better than other that has been approved... :/
I tried to find something else.

Ho yes ! Mozdev !
I created a project.... and wait for it to be approved.
I need a project now, please.

By the end, I used a personal page on my website : I don't need to ask
anybody and that's fine.
There's a small additional work for installing ("Yes, I want him to
install something") but it works.

I use mozdev only as a backup of my code, but CVS is ugly.

Have a nice day
Olivier FAURAX
Je cherche du boulot !

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