[Project_owners] Global listeer

Nickolay Ponomarev asqueella at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 09:06:18 PST 2007

On Nov 15, 2007 6:34 PM, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla
<mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > The listener added via window.addEventListener('load' ...) will not
> > run more than once, no? It handles the chrome window's load.
> Normally yes, but anyone can trigger a load event on a chrome window,
> for whatever reason, and that is when things go wrong here.
That evil person can call the event handler directly as well. This is
not an issue, extensions are supposed to behave in a sensible way,
otherwise the browser (and the user) is screwed.


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