[Project_owners] Updated mirrors.mozdev.org site

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Mon Nov 5 11:30:50 PST 2007

http://mirrors.mozdev.org/ content has been updated so that it includes a 
fully up-to-date list of mirrors that is generated dynamically from our new 
mirror management system.  You can also see which mirrors are currently 

Next planned feature for this site is to allow users to find out what their 
current preferred mirror is;  this is in preparation of redirecting users to 
their "closest" mirror based on region rather than to a random mirror.

Mozdev is in need of mirrors willing to serve the following areas:

Africa (all parts)
Asia (all parts)
Australia, Oceania
Central & South America, Caribbean
Middle East

We currently have good coverage of Europe and decent coverage of the US; if 
your mirror is already serving one of these areas and is willing to serve 
more regions or act as a default "global" mirror, please let me know.

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