[Project_owners] bugmali from bugzilla.mozdev.mozdev.org

Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Mon May 14 14:37:58 PDT 2007

A few days ago I received bugmail saying someone had attached a "test 
attachment" to bug 3757, but when I visited that bug I saw no such 
attachment, and the attachment link in the bugmail returns an error 
saying that the attachment ID is invalid.

Closer scrutiny of the message suggests it was generated by 
bugzilla.mozdev.mozdev.org, and there is a Bugzilla installation at that 
hostname, but I don't seem to be able to access it (trying to log in or 
view a bug report return "404 not found" errors).

Is this installation supposed to exist, and is it supposed to generate 


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