[Project_owners] OSX troubles (Take II)

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 03:50:20 PDT 2007

Neil wrote:
> Michael Vincent van Rantwijk wrote:
>> MultiZilla's Tab Manager makes use of a hidden <tree> but no matter 
>> what I use the tree still shows up in my dialog.  Anyone here using 
>> hidden trees in their windows/dialogs?
> SeaMonkey Mail hides its folder pane when you press F9 by setting 
> collapsed="true" on the tree.

So this should work, as in hide the tree and I should still be able to 
get the open windows from it?

       <tree id="OpenWindowTree" collapsed="true" hidecolumnpicker="true"
             datasources="rdf:window-mediator" ref="NC:WindowMediatorRoot">
         <treecol id="WindowTitle" flex="1" hideheader="true"/>
         <treecol id="KeyIndex" flex="1" hideheader="true"/>
             <treeitem uri="rdf:*">

Can this tree somehow be rewritten using JavaScript?

Thanks for your help Neil,

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