[Project_owners] Bug with double tooltips in Thunderbird

Vadim Atlygin vadim.atlygin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 14:24:26 PST 2007

Hello all,
   I'm experiencing strange bug with tooltips in Thunderbird. I
created overlay to add tooltip element to <browser> element like this
	<window id="messengerWindow">
			<tooltip onpopupshowing="return tooltipCallback(document.tooltipNode);">
				<label id="tooltip"/>
	<browser id="messagepane" tooltip="mytooltip-wrapper"/>
This overlays the browser embedded in main window as well as browser
inside standalone window for message. The bug is: if message window is
on top of the main window and you hover your mouse over message window
long enough to fire tooltip event, it gets fired for both windows.
Amazing part is that document.tooltipNode is different and valid for
each window, so it is clearly Thunderbird bug. Does anybody knows
workaround for this?

Best regards,

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