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Yes, you can upload to preview.addons.mozilla.org. Anyway, I've just asked in IRC #addons, and Mike Shaver said that no, they are not reviewing extensions until the new site is released. Given that the original queue was completed on March 5, this means no extensions will have been updated for 17 days... perhaps longer if AMO delays March 22.

If anyone is contemplating uploading an extension update to AMO, you might as well wait until 21 March since it won't be looked at until at least 22 March.

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I *think* that they have blocked the developer login page, in order to clean up the backlog of uploaded extension to revise, so I don't know if you will be able to upload it, anyway.

eric.jung at yahoo.com wrote: I posted this to another mailing list a few hours ago and, not getting a response from anyone yet, thought I'd post it here, too:

Anyone who's been following the AMO blog (http://blog.mozilla.com/webdev/category/amo/) knows that the new AMO website has been delayed again. Does anyone know if extension submissions are being approved during this time? I have an update to submit, but if AMO isn't going to
 approve it before their new site is released, I'll delay submitting it to get a few more features into it first.

Thanks for any insights,

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