[Project_owners] extension to store cookies remotely?

JD Gunter jgunter1992 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 17:25:57 PST 2007


All I can find as far as cookies, there are just extensions that just allow
you set which sites can use cookies or not, and some that allow you to just
view what cookies are set already. Nothing really helpful.

Here is a list of FireFox extensions, I don't know how current it is though.
On 3/16/07, eric.jung at yahoo.com <eric.jung at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> There are many cookie-based Firefox extensions, but I haven't found one
> which does the following. I'm posting here in the hopes that someone knows
> of an extension that already does this:
> I use about 10-15 different computers in various locations (home, work,
> friends', internet cafes, etc), most with 3-5 firefox profiles. This means I
> have roughly 30 different cookie databases at any given moment. This makes
> website authentication rather annoying. Moreover, when I switch jobs or
> re-image a hard drive (every few months), I lose all cookies for the
> profiles on those machines.
> Is there an extension which enables me to store/retrieve cookies to/from a
> remote data store instead of Firefox's cookie.txt file? If not, I'll try
> to write it myself, but I'd rather not re-invent the wheel.
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Eric
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