[Project_owners] Advice for a new Linux User? And IE tab question.

Gerald Vogt vogt at spamcop.net
Mon Mar 12 00:41:08 PST 2007

Jesse Gunter wrote:
> Just thought I'd ask the group of people that I've getting emails from 
> at least once a day. :D
> Well, Does anyone have advice for a Linux Ubuntu user? Because, Windows 
> crashed on me twice after receiving the updates, I  then after 
> transfered to Ubuntu, so far, I love it, so, if anyone has any advice 
> I'd greatly  appreciate it.
> As for IE tab, does anyone know if it can be possible for it to become 
> an extension for Linux? Or because Windows software wouldn;t mix to well 
> with Linux, it wouldn't work?

No. The Firefox IE Tab is merely an interface that uses the actual 
internet explorer inside a firefox tab. It saves you the trouble of 
opening iexplore in a separate window for a website which might right 
IE. Without Windows no Internet Explorer. Without Internet Explorer no 
IE tab.

Internet Explorer may however run in Wine on Linux.


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