[Project_owners] Textbox caret reset

Zachary Carter zack.carter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 13:10:14 PST 2007

My extension requires the textbox caret position stay put unless the
user changes it by interacting with the field. I find it odd that XUL
textboxes reset the caret position (back to the first char) when
another element in the same window is focused (focusing other windows
and their elements dont' have this effect). I know for a fact that
this wasn't always the case but I seemed to have overlooked what
version of Firefox this behavior changed (I could have sworn at least
Firefox 2.0 initial release did not reset the position). This seems to
only happen with the XUL wrapped textareas and not your normal HTML

This might be the final incentive for me to just switch to the editor
tag, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this behavior. I
would categorize it as a bug, but maybe it is intended for some

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