[Project_owners] What is your extension editor.

Marco Pivetta ocramius at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 10:21:31 PDT 2007

Hi belaviyo!
Well, I just use Notepad++, nothing else, also because the XUL interface of
our software is very limited (we almost always work with JavaScript)...
Anyway, sometimes i use the tools that can be found on XULplanet to try out
my works.
Other tools I rarely use are GreaseMonkey for testing my Javascripts,
FireBug for debugging and NoScript to try out compatibility of my works with
website that use javascript. As you can see these are all testing tools...
The friends of mine working at the project use almost the same tools (but
they always work only on PHP and JavaScript)
I hope i was useful ;)

Marco Pivetta AKA Ocramius Aethril

2007/6/27, joe ertaba <belaviyo at gmail.com>:
> Hi boys
> i am new in developing Extension for FireFox
> please tell me what is good editor for Extension developers.
> (XUL , JS,...)
> i found an extension "Extension Developer". is there any other extensions
> or external software?
> Thanks
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