[Project_owners] Kill the tag

Scott sgrayban at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 15:17:42 PDT 2007

Myk Melez wrote:
> Scott wrote:
>> Benoit Renard wrote:
>>>> i Think that the problem isn't the display.
>>>> The problem is that he is using old hardware...
>>> That's not a problem. I can switch to as high as 1280x1024. But when I 
>>> switch to a higher resolution, everything becomes too small for my 
>>> liking. I'm also quite sensitive to change, and have been using this 
>>> resolution for years. And what if I used 640x480 because of vision problems
>> Oh you poor student.
>> ...
> This conversation is going overboard.  It's reasonable to want the tag
> removed, and it's reasonable to want it not to be, but it's not
> acceptable to insult or belittle members of this list for their
> opinions.  Please stop doing so.
> -myk

And you  purposely truncated the rest of what I wrote which now is taken
out of context.

He thinks he has issues because he plays games and is a student..... I
lost my left eye in from a road side bomb in Iraq and have limited
eyesight in my right eye and I still use a 1440 x 1080 resolution.

Give me a break., the guy is just giving excuses here.

----- Scott Grayban

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