[Project_owners] Kill the tag

Frederik Vanderstraeten frederik_vanderstraeten at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 14:20:28 PDT 2007

Scott schreef:
> Benoit Renard wrote:
>>> i Think that the problem isn't the display.
>>> The problem is that he is using old hardware...
>> That's not a problem. I can switch to as high as 1280x1024. But when I 
>> switch to a higher resolution, everything becomes too small for my 
>> liking. I'm also quite sensitive to change, and have been using this 
>> resolution for years. And what if I used 640x480 because of vision problems
> Oh you poor student.
> I am blind in my left eye from a road bomb, I have to were bi-focals and
> often I have to increase my font size here to read stuff.
> And with all that I am still using a 1440 x 1080 resolution.
> Maybe if you stopped playing games so much and having the need to squint
> and play games you wouldn't have vision problems. Yes, I do know that
> playing games for to many hours at low resolution will damage your eye
> sight. My son is now 17 and had to start wearing glasses just this eye
> because of all the game playing he did.
> You are still trying to get people to side with you when it is _YOUR_
> fault in the first place.

Oh god, he has found a completely valid bug, there's no need to find
some silly reason why it'd be his own fault. He's not even complaining
at all, he just made a single request, hoping it'd be easy to do. It
isn't, and he doesn't complain about it, so there's no need to be angry.

The problem isn't his screen resolution at all, it's the useless tag.
Changing his screen resolution would make the problem less annoying, but
there would still be a problem. Are you saying everyone in the world
should use the same screen resolution, and for that matter, the same
kind of hardware, and certainly NO mobile phones or so, while anyone
could just fix the code?

If he likes to use his computer that way, he has the right to do so, and
if he has found a valid bug, maybe someone should help him fix it. Isn't
that what open source is about?

Frederik Vanderstraeten

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