[Project_owners] Kill the tag

Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Fri Jun 22 14:02:23 PDT 2007

Scott wrote:
> Benoit Renard wrote:
>>> i Think that the problem isn't the display.
>>> The problem is that he is using old hardware...
>> That's not a problem. I can switch to as high as 1280x1024. But when I 
>> switch to a higher resolution, everything becomes too small for my 
>> liking. I'm also quite sensitive to change, and have been using this 
>> resolution for years. And what if I used 640x480 because of vision problems
> Oh you poor student.
> ...
This conversation is going overboard.  It's reasonable to want the tag 
removed, and it's reasonable to want it not to be, but it's not 
acceptable to insult or belittle members of this list for their 
opinions.  Please stop doing so.


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