[Project_owners] Kill the tag

Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman buanzo at buanzo.com.ar
Fri Jun 22 08:24:04 PDT 2007

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Benoit Renard wrote:
> What's cheap for you isn't necessarily cheap for me. I'm a student, with 
> no job, and to me, LCD monitors are expensive.

That's valid.

> LCD monitors are not as flexible with changing resolutions as CRT 
> monitors. I switch to lower resolutions from time to time for game 
> console emulators, most commonly 320x240.

So, you say you can't even use 1024x768, and ask Windows to use BIG FONTS? that will still give you
a higher resolution with a usable font-size. Maybe W95 doesn't have that big-font style... I can't

In any case, if you CAN use higher resolutions, try making one of them work for you, instead of
disturbing this list to get a shorter subject-line-tag. Start solving your own personal issues
instead of transferring them unto others.

And from now on, ignoring the two tagline threads. Sorry fella, but you sound pretty weird.

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