[Project_owners] I'm not bored

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Thu Jun 21 15:44:39 PDT 2007

On Jun 21 2007, Onno Ekker wrote:

>On 6/21/07, Chris Neale <cdn at mozdev.org> wrote:
>> Mailman's mail - news gateway module can be configured to not add the
>> prefix;
>> although it doesn't appear to strip it out if it's already there - I made
>> the
>> change earlier today ...
> That doesn't sound good. If the prefix isn't stripped out, this mail will 
> get subject "Re: [Project Owners] I'm not bored", but messages sent to 
> the newsgroup will get subject "Re: I'm not bored". When there is 
> news2mail forwarding, it will probably be changed to "[Project Owners] 
> Re: I'm not bored".

I don't think Mailman is that stupid ...

> And a reply to that by mail will include another "Re: 
> " up front...
>I think mailman should maybe handle the subject lines to always strip the
>prefix from anywhere in the subject line, and then put the prefix up front
>in the mail?
>Where can we put out feature requests for mailman?
>No one appears to have noticed; probably because of the above.

' [Project_owners]' stripped from this reply to see what happens ...

interested parties should check a news reader AND their mail client




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