[Project_owners] filtering on headers [was: I'm not bored and someone dosen't like really long subject lines like this one here]

Onno Ekker o.e.ekker at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 14:08:58 PDT 2007

True usenet news clients like Xnews <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xnews> can
also fully filter on any header.
Xnews can even filter server side on standard headers and depending on the
news server also filter server side on non standard headers, which means it
doesn't have to download all the complete messages just to do the

On 6/21/07, eric.jung at yahoo.com <eric.jung at yahoo.com> wrote:
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> From: Scott <sgrayban at gmail.com>
> >>Only true email clients like outlook & thunderbird can fully filter on
> any header.<<
> Perhaps this is off-topic, but why is that? I don't know of any technical
> limitation that prevents web-based email clients from filtering on headers,
> do you?
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