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Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Thu Jun 21 12:00:14 PDT 2007

On Thursday 21 June 2007 18:29, Scott wrote:
> Dude ----- you are using a screen resolution that hasn't been used since
> the 1990's...... 640x480 ? And that is from YOUR screen shot. I don't
> know of _ANYONE_ that uses that resolution... Even my wife uses 1440 x
> 1080 and we are old here. Get a real video card and monitor then you can
> complain.
> Those web mail sites like yahoo, gmail and hotmail CANNOT filter on
> headers. They filter only on subject, body, from and to. If the tag line
> is removed those people that get their email on the websites are now
> screwed. Truncating the tag is a different matter but you are demanding it
> to be removed. Since when do you speak for the masses on this?

He's very much the minority - but he's created one of the most active thread 
the PO list has had for some time ...

It's his choice to use a VGA screen resolution - I tend to need 1280x1024 [x1 
or x2 (2560x1024)]

> I have been on this for a short time but I have been on other mailing
> lists for years and honesty I have never met anyone who complained about
> a tag in the subject line, ever. Sure they wanted it shorter and that is
> fine but to remove it? That's a bit harsh.
> Only true email clients like outlook & thunderbird can fully filter on
> any header.

Don't forget other offerings like KMail :)




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