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sgrayban at gmail.com sgrayban at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 01:29:14 PDT 2007

For as long as I can remember all mailman mailing lists I have been on
they have all tagged the subject line and that has been for many years
and I never thought the tag was so over bearing that it was annoying
to me anytime. Tagging the subject line was just a matter of fact with

As for mail clients yahoo webmail as far as I know can only filter on
body, subject, from or to. Not headers and the same goes for Gmail


On 6/18/07, Myk Melez <myk at melez.com> wrote:
> David Boswell wrote:
> > I think the tag in the subject line is useful for people using the
> > mailing list.
> This is one of those issues that people can never agree on, like whether
> or not "reply to list" should be default.  I prefer no tag in the
> subject line, and I have the same issue with not being able to see much
> of the subject when the tag is there (even with a widescreen, since I
> use a "vertical" layout to display as many message items as possible).
> But others prefer the tag, and perhaps there are some mail clients out
> there that can only filter on the subject field (although I don't know
> of any).
> I don't think there's any solution to this conflict, except perhaps to
> add a per-subscription or per-account preference for this to mailman.
> Otherwise, you'll never be able to satisfy most people, so you might as
> well stay with the current behavior.
> -myk
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