[Project_owners] Your projects website

Benoit Renard, msnmsgr myfirstnamehere at gawab.com
Sun Jul 22 14:17:19 PDT 2007

> - How much time do you usually put into your website here at mozdev.org?

About a half hour for each release, to write an announcement on the main 
page, update my change log and download links.

> - When was the last time you've changed anything on your web site?

About a month ago, when I released a new version.

> - What is stopping you from working on you project pages?

Nothing is really stopping me, but having to work within the constraints 
of the existing MozDev branding (which tags you can and can't use, 
styling, etc.), is a bit of a pain. Yet I don't feel like making a 
custom lay-out, because I think the default lay-out is fine, and I'm not 
much of a designer.

> - Would some mozdev.org award inspire you to do more work for it?

Probably not.

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