[Project_owners] html entries in xml declined parsing?

Foreningen Selvet - Jesper Staun Hansen jesper at selvet.dk
Fri Jul 20 14:39:30 PDT 2007

Well, I never considered it that way.
Thanks, that actually helped, since I never considered that the &xxx; 
were looked up in the language files.

Now I have quiet a different problem, but also related to what I've 
written about with the file content:

yes sir</Letter>

With the following:
document.getElementById("indhold").value = data.indhold;
dump("dumped: "+ document.getElementById("indhold").value +"\n");

<description id="indhold" style="padding-left:2em;white-space: 
            <description style="white-space:pre;">whopper

Now in the dump the following is displayed:
dumped: Thanks

yes sir

Which seems right, as that is what the letter contained, and the 
"whopper whopper yey" is displayed with the proper linebreaking. But! 
The "Thanks(linebreak)(linebreak)yes sir" is not displayed proper when 
viewed on the xul page.
It displays what can be described as this:
Thanks^^yes sir

Or at least it looks like really small ^'s
So, what goes wrong here?

pike wrote:
> Hi
> without knowing anything about mozilla's domparser,
> - if you want to use entities inside XML you must declare
>   those entities. &aring; in your example needs to be
>   defined somewhere. This goes for all entities except
>   &lt; and &gt; and &amp;
>   http://xmlwriter.net/xml_guide/entity_declaration.shtml
> - An xml node containing "Thanks<br />yes sir"
>   contains 3 nodes: 2 textnodes and 1 empty node.
>   if you mean to wrap the html literal in xml, try
>   "Thanks&lt;br /&gt;yes sir"
>   This is *literally* the same as the above, but
>   it parses as a string instead of multiple xml nodes.
> $2c,
> *-pike
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