[Project_owners] New Mozdev Project [sparky]

Nicole Hanusek nicole at alexa.com
Tue Jul 17 15:22:24 PDT 2007

We just launched our project on mozedev - http://sparky.mozdev.org - and
were wondering how to get posted on addons -

Any help would be appreciated.

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Good news...

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Ok, you're all set up with http://sparky.mozdev.org/

We posted some page templates in your project to get you started.
feel free to edit, add or change things however you want.
There is some documentation that should help you get started at

Once you've had a chance to build out your site, let us know and
we'll announce it as a new project.  You can also include an
update about your project in the status reports on mozillazine
by submitting your news to the form at

If you have any other questions or problems we can help you with,
just let us know.

The Mozdev Team

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