[Project_owners] Secure Updates for Firefox 3

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Wed Jul 18 11:18:36 PDT 2007

On Wednesday 18 July 2007, Scott wrote:
> So how will signing just the updates.rdf be a better way then?
> Let's just assume that at some point a hacker figures out a way to
> bypass that little bit of info, which is entirely possible, and sends an
> botnet addon in its place?
> I just do not see how just signing the RDF will make anything *safer*.
> If you want real security then I would implement signing both files.
> That would guarantee that everything is coming from the right place and
> person.

Signing both the updates.rdf and the XPI *is* better; the proposal is focused 
on the updates process since *that* is the easiest exploit.

Please read the proposal for details on why this is better/safer:


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