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Marco Pivetta ocramius at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 14:48:28 PDT 2007

i haven't yet had the time to see how CVS works, so i didn't yet change
anything on my space on mozdev
i think this is the greatest problem of the entire website :(

2007/7/16, David Boswell <davidwboswell at yahoo.com>:
> > Rejected? Has mozdev ever rejected a project proposal? Do you mean
> > addons.mozilla.org or mozdev.org?
> It looks like Ezequiel does have a project on mozdev, although it
> hasn't been updated yet.  Maybe he never received the welcome email?
> If so, Ezequiel feel free to email me directly and I'll help get you
> started.
> As for rejecting projects, we do turn down a lot of requests for new
> projects, but we don't reject any projects that meet our requirements.
> The main requirement is that your project needs to be related to
> Mozilla in some way (there are a couple other requirements related to
> search engine plugins and not using zilla in the project name).
> David
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