[Project_owners] Your projects website

Malte Kraus firefox at maltekraus.de
Mon Jul 16 03:52:06 PDT 2007

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla wrote:
> - If you changed the layout for your project, did you get help from your 
> users, or did you do all the hard work yourself?
I haven't really changed the layout... but anything up there has been 
done by myself.

> - How much time do you usually put into your website here at mozdev.org?

> - When was the last time you've changed anything on your web site?
when I released a new version

> - What is stopping you from working on you project pages?
it's not fun, compared to working on an extension itself... Some kind of 
a CMS would be nice. They make things so much less painful.

> - Would some mozdev.org award inspire you to do more work for it?
not really.

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