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eric.jung at yahoo.com eric.jung at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 15 21:54:04 PDT 2007

> - If you changed the layout for your project, did you get help from your

> users, or did you do all the hard work yourself?
I wrote the content but had a graphic designer-friend do the layout, graphics, logo, color scheme, etc.

> - How much time do you usually put into your website here at 

Initially a lot to get it just right. Now I update it for only two things: (1) release notes when there's a new release (2) occasional new FAQ question

> -When was the last time you've changed anything on your web site?

8 July 2007

> - What is stopping you from working on you project pages?

Better tooling (e.g., wiki instead of HTML with CVS, although some of my projects are mature and just don't need much updating anymore).

> - Would some mozdev.org award inspire you to do more work for it?

Award for the website or for the addon? I think for the addon it would be more appropriate.Yes, it might inspire me to do more work on the addon.

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