[Project_owners] How auto update looks for updates?

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If someone has heroes-0.1.xpi installed, then Firefox's extension manager periodically checks the URL specified under em:updateURL in install.rdf of heroes-0.1.xpi for information about new versions.

Info on em: updateURL: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/install.rdf#updateURL



When you release heroes-0.2.xpi, then you should update the file at http://www.mozdev.org/heroes/update.rdf with information about that release.

Sample update.rdf (note you can name this file anything as long as it matches what's specified in em:updateURL) here:


Hope that helps!
Eric Jung

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I've been looking for this on newsgroups and mozilla developer related 
site, but this seems like its "something everyone knows", but I dont :O

Well, I've made my first release on the 6th named "heroes-0.1.xpi" and 
then today named "heroes-0.2.xpi" and thrown them in downloads/, so far 
so good. While I wait for the mirrors to update, then I would like to 
hear how the client (firefox XULrunner update manager (at least thats 
what I think its called)) finds out I made a new version.

Thanks in advance.

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