[Project_owners] css to make extension more beautiful

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk, MultiZilla mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 10:17:35 PDT 2007

joe ertaba wrote:
> hi all,
> is it possible to use especial theme for show my extension window?
> my extension is more beautiful in especial theme is it possible to force
> user to view it on that theme ?
> is it possible to add some file of that theme (*.css) to my extension ?
> i have specially problem with original schematic of iframe in Firefox

Yes, you can (for example) use /content/myext.css instead of the usual 
/skin/myext.css (this depends on how you zip up your JAR file) to 
override an undesired default/theme styling of <iframe>.

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