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To change the url of the currently selected tab I think you can manipulate the location.href of gBrowser.selectedTab.

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hi gays

i need to show some local file instead original url when user dont set font size of current page.
so i need to change tab url by:

var myExt_urlBarListener = {
  QueryInterface: function(aIID)

   if (aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIWebProgressListener) ||
) ||
     return this;

   throw Components.results.NS_NOINTERFACE;

  onLocationChange: function(aProgress, aRequest, aURI)


  onStateChange: function() {},
  onProgressChange: function() {},
  onStatusChange: function() {},

  onSecurityChange: function() {},
  onLinkIconAvailable: function() {}


var myExtension = {

  oldURL: null,
  init: function() {

    // Listen for webpage loads


  uninit: function() {


  processNewURL: function(aURI) {
    if (
aURI.spec == this.oldURL)
    // now we know the url is new...

    this.oldURL = aURI.spec;


window.addEventListener("load", function() {myExtension.init()}, false);

window.addEventListener("unload", function() {myExtension.uninit()}, false);

any body can help me? 
is it possible to change tab url directly or i must find tab index first and then change it ?

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