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You could try using nsIWindowMediator.getMostRecentWindow("navigator:browser") to get the appropriate window. From that, you can get the document you seek. http://www.xulplanet.com/references/xpcomref/ifaces/nsIWindowMediator.html

By the way, what does the method getString() do? I haven't seen that used on a w3c dom node.

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I'm having trouble accessing strings in my locale folders under
certain circumstances:
* When inside a "load" event listener
* When inside a "setInterval" callback

I'm guessing that the problem is to do with "document" not being
defined in these circumstances. Can anyone recommend a way of getting
access to the locale strings in these cases? I've tried a few things
with nsIWindowMediate, but with no luck.

Example below:

window.addEventListener("load", loadStatusbar, false);

function loadStatusbar()
    var str = document.getElementById("updatescanStrings");
    var alertOneChange = str.getString("alertMessage");
// Causes error "str has no properties"

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