[Project_owners] Wildcard certificate

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 08:32:02 PDT 2007

David Boswell wrote:
>> I was under the impression that this was the plan already, especially
>> after reading Eric's reply:
> In my opinion, all web-based tools on the site that require a login
> should be secure (bugzilla, mailman, etc.) and based on comments from
> our sysadmins that may be possible with just a cert for www.mozdev.org.
>  If there is a reason to get a wildcard cert then that's something we
> can do, but we need to make an argument for doing that.
> David

We should now be able to use either:
now that Mozilla Firefox 3, and derivatives, *will* be required to use 
SSL to server the file from (non SSL won;t be possible, just read the 
newsgroup and bug report) so mozdev.org needs to act and setup a plan 
a.s.a.p., not a last minute one I hope, because we like to have time 
left for testing.

You won't need a wild card certificate this way, and you could make it 
opt-in only, for project owners who need it.


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